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Noisy-Cutter has been developped for our productions needs. This tool is done for cutting, slicing geometry from hand draw spline. The cut is not flat like others tools work, but bumpy, noisy with an unwrapped UV. You want to create natural cuts on wood or stone, concrete... this is the tool you need.

What for?

-environment design : you can draw cliffs in one cut from the default cube!

-destruction simulation: accurate cuts along the shape you want to destroy...


- noise based displaced cut

- texture based displaced cut (bunch of textures delivered with the addon)

- automatic cuts material

- easy to use with 3 steps:


adjust the settings for mesh density to type of displacement


- cut several mesh at once


forblender 2.91, 2.92 , 2.93

Update v1.0.3

- 2.93 compatibility

- New location : you can now found the addon in FRACTURE tab along with our other existing and incoming products.

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