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BlendRef is a blender addon for images and videos references managing in the viewport while sculpting, animating or modeling. The image part is similar to BeeRef or PureRef apps but, in blender! No need to put a forced app over your viewport, it's part of it. No need to click on the app to zoom or move a image, you don't leave Blender interface. The video part is very efficient for animation references. You can loop and slow down any segment!

1.5 Update

-Enable/Disable viewport

-Bring selected reference to the viewport

-some debugs

1.1 update

- gif and webm import as movies

- media infos: display size, format, number of frames...

- Arrange selected or all in columns make space organisation easier and faster

- Preview range follow you speed switching, no need to disable then enable it again.

- + some debugs

Simple to use

  • Just choose a folder or individual image to import
  • Arrange the images in columns
  • flip it horizontaly or verticaly
  • rotate and scale it

Powerful tool

  • A to B loop - choose an IN and a OUT frame to loop in
  • slowmotion - switch from 1X to 0.5X to 0.33X
  • grab the timing to match your animation
  • flip horizontaly or verticaly

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